Clinical activity

Clinical activity takes place in the Academic General Hospital of Verona (Psychiatric University Clinic), in the South-Verona Mental Health Centre (a multi-purpose facility providing outpatient consultations, day care, crisis intervention and home visits), in the Hostel for long-term patients (a residential facility for care and rehabilitation of long-term psychiatric patients), in the Outpatient Department, and in other community-based facilities, which constitute an integrated Service: the South-Verona Community Psychiatric Service (CPS). Our clinical facilities include also the Service of Psychosomatics and Clinical Psychology, which provides outpatient care for patients with panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorders, as well as consultations for patients and doctors of other departments of the Academic General Hospital (800 beds) and the Service of Psychotherapy, which provides individual and family psychotherapy.

The South-Verona CPS was established in 1978, according to the provision of the Italian Psychiatric Reform, and is responsible for providing comprehensive psychiatric care (prevention, therapy and rehabilitation) for all those living in South-Verona, an area of 100,000 inhabitants. The clinical model, a public-health one, is characterized by continuity of care - both longitudinal continuity (through the different phases of treatment) and cross-sectional continuity (through the different components of the service).