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 News & Events : Summer Schools

Summer School - Verona 11-13 October 2016

Deadline for Applications 30 August July 2016

The University of Verona and King’s College London Joint Summer School 2016 “Health Service, Health System & Implementation Research in Mental Health” is the first summer school organized between these two university world leading institutions. It involves the Department of Mental Health and the Section of Psychiatry of the University of Verona, held by Professor Mirella Ruggeri, and the Health Service and Population Research Department, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience of the King's College London, coordinated by Professor Graham Thornicroft. Both departments are experienced in leading community-based mental health systems and have developed methods for evaluation and for outcome-evaluation in patients and their relatives. Either departments are experienced in implementing specific community mental health interventions in early phases of psychoses and know how to build capacity for these interventions. Moreover, both of them know how to disseminate capacity, are experienced in longitudinal studies and have their own statistics experts. Finally, the two departments have a long and consolidated history of scientific collaboration, as proved by the number of shared publications.

This summer school is for students and professionals who want to know how to apply to mental health service and public mental health the most recent research methods not yet in widespread use in Europe within these fields.

The summer school includes lectures, practical session, interactive work and the possibility to experience the daily clinical practice of the South Verona Community Mental Health Service.The Summer School will coincide with the third edition of the “Mental Health Promotion Week”, run by Department of Mental Health and the Section of Psychiatry of the University of Verona, which is an annual initiative aiming to promote the importance of mental health among the general population. Participants will have the chance to take part of the conferences and activities related to this initiative.


For detailed program, costs and application please see the links below:




For further information please ask the scientific committee members:

Nicole Votruba:

Carla Comacchio:

Elisabetta Miglietta:


The City of Verona


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